Marrakash is Moroku’s mPOS solution for Small and Medium sized merchants.  It is built for merchants and is available as a whitelabel solution for acquirers. It provides functionality in four broad categories:

  • Manage your products
  • Manage your people (customers and staff)
  • Manage your business
  • Manage your payment

Manage Your Products

Marrakash allows merchants to create a product inventory with product names, pricing and descriptions, optional photographs and bar codes or SKUs.  These can be captured on mobile devices or directly entered in the merchant portal.  All products are replicated across all mPOS devices registered to the business.

Products can be individually tagged and can then be sorted and searched by tag as well as by name or any other field.  Most frequently sold products are presented on the launch screen of the application and can be added to an order simply by tapping.


Manage your Business

You can customise the app and the portal, making it your won, with configuration options for name, brand, currency and colour


You can also upgrade to the reporting option, providing a rich dashboard of sales performance. An extensive set of reports provides information on:

  • Average sales value, number of sales, sales by product
  • Most frequently sold product combinations (people who buy this buy that)
  • Busiest times of the week (and quietest)



  • Rank customers by:
    • spend
    • frequency of visit
    • average spend


  • Rank staff by:
    • Highest sales
    • Size of average sale
    • Number of sales

These reports can be over days, weeks or months and comparative reports against previous periods can be produced.

Manage your People

Marrakash allows management of both staff and customers.  Staff may be invited to join your business and can then use their own devices as mobile Points of Sale. Invited staff receive an email with their authorisation code to enter into the app. When they do this all the product and payment settings are downloaded onto their phone along with your app branding.


Staff performance (sales, average sale value etc.) can be tracked and staff are able to see their relative performance compared to other members of staff with leader boards and other incentivization tools.

Customer management provides for an extensive and rich loyalty scheme.  Merchants may determine how customers accumulate points based on a wide variety of metrics.  They can also configure how points are spent from a simple ($=x points) exchange rate through to percentage discounts, buy one get one free offers and other promotions.  Customers are provided with their own portal where they can track points and progress.

Payment Processing

Marrakash is compatible with the Moroku Payment Collector. This means that for banks who have this capability, Marrakash can work simply and efficiently with whatever card terminals they support.

We also support integration with payment gateways. Stripe has been completed and more are planned. Once supported, merchants enter their payment keys and away they go! We expect single Sign On via OAuth to be imminent


Once that’s done, the Android phone is magically converted into a payment terminal.


So, Over to you – happy selling !