Going Beyond Payments at the Point of Sale: AEVI and Moroku Partner to Mobilize Small Merchants London, 07/06/17 – AEVI and Moroku today announced a partnership to bring their all-in-one small merchant POS software Marrakash to AEVI’s Global Marketplace; a B2B app store for smart
20 May 2017
Android 6 is now a supported operating System for Marrakash. This brings  ahost of benefits to our merchants , not least of which is better a check out NFC experience So get stacking those products into your catalogue and get selling!
Payments NZ manages and governs four of New Zealand’s core payment clearing systems in coordination with the industry to ensure payments are simple and secure for Kiwis and to enable a strong self-regulatory and innovative payments environment. In preparation for their annual conference they have
Hi Marrakash Merchants   A new version of the app and portal have been released. You can now   – add customers to the platform – utilise the updated Stripe payments platform  
As well as creating orders, Marrakash allows you to take credit card payments on your Android phone or tablet – no extra hardware needed We do this using Stripe, a world leading payments service To make it work you need to 1/ Get an account
Omni Hotels & Resorts has reported that its point-of-sale system has been hit by malware targeting payment card information. The attack on the systems of the luxury hotel chain follows similar breaches of point-of-sale systems at various hotels and retailers like Hyatt Hotels, Target, Starwood
Merchants globally will ignore Chip and PIN because the cost, flexibility and the user experience of software models based in the cloud and commodity infrastructure will be superior. This is going to happen despite all of the resistance by those that have spent billions of
Today we’ve added two important capabilities to Marrakash – Subscriptions and Payments The subscriptions capability gives you the ability to start out free and then slowly increase how much you pay for the app based on how much you use it. No need to worry.
24 Jul 2015
Today Marrakash 1.0 arrived unannounced onto Google Play It’s the first release of the platform with business and product management on the app Over the course of the next 12 weeks we’ll be adding new features every two weeks and inviting small to medium sized businesses
You may take this text as a copied and pasted one, but it is not so. Appearances are deceitful. For real, this text was created by our copywriters, so you could see in details how would the final product loo