Create Your Stripe Account to accept payments

As well as creating orders, Marrakash allows you to take credit card payments on your Android phone or tablet – no extra hardware needed

We do this using Stripe, a world leading payments service

To make it work you need to

1/ Get an account  at Stripe

2/ Having done that you need to enter some Stripe information into the app so we know where to send your money

You do this by logging into Stripe, go to the Dashboard, then Your Account, then Account Settings and then API Keys to collect your Secret Key and Publishable Key. They are long so just copy and paste them eitehr into the app or on the website at – probably the easier option

You are now set to enter these into the app or website  by  going to the Payment Option Settings in the main menu and then selecting Stripe, to enter both your Secret Key and the Publishable Key that you will have received by logging into



Payment Setup


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