1.4 adds subscriptions and payments

Today we’ve added two important capabilities to Marrakash – Subscriptions and Payments

The subscriptions capability gives you the ability to start out free and then slowly increase how much you pay for the app based on how much you use it. No need to worry. We’ll advise you as you get close to the tiers and provide plenty of opportunity to stay where you are or step up.

More excitingly you can now use Marrakash to take credit card payments. All you need to do is register with Stripe, the world’s best credit card payments system, and connect it to your app. Initially it is write in the numbers but we have cool stuff planned.

To summarise this release, you can now

  • Create your company and customise the app to look like your business
  • Add products
  • Create Orders
  • Take Payments
  • Add Staff




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